Head Coach Responsibilities

Head Coach Responsibilities

A. By accepting a position of Head Coach, a person inherently assumes the responsibility and obligation of establishing and maintaining an athletic program of the highest caliber that his/her abilities will permit. In assigning an individual to a head coaching position, the administration of the Los Lunas Schools has placed its trust and confidence in that individual to assume and carry out each of the following responsibilities. Safety and supervision shall be the responsibility of all coaches.

Each coach will be directly responsible to the Athletic Coordinator and Athletic Director for all coaching duties and responsible to his/her principal for all teaching duties.

B. All student-athletes will watch the Hazing Education Video “Dying to Belong” on or before the first day of official practice and sign the acknowledgement form. All coaches will watch the Hazing Education Video “Dying to Belong” and “Break the Tradition or Break the Law” on or before the first day of official practice and sign the acknowledgement form.

All Athletic Coordinators will watch the Hazing Education Video “Dying to Belong” and “Break the Tradition or Break the Law” on or before the first day of school and sign the acknowledgment form.

Acknowledgement forms will be kept on file in the school’s athletic office for all students, coaches and coordinators. A copy of all Coaches and Athletic Coordinators acknowledgement forms will be sent to the Director of Athletics.

C. Before allowing any prospective athlete to participate in his/her program (including practice), he/she will verify that the athlete has completed and submitted to the school: a Los Lunas School Interscholastic Athletic Participation Form, physical, and proof of insurance. It shall be the Head Coach’s responsibility to keep a copy of these documents with him/her at all times. Furthermore, the Head Coach shall be responsible for providing hard copies of these documents to the Athletic Trainers and the Athletic Coordinator’s Office (main office for middle school) two weeks prior to the start of his or her season.

1. Explain and discuss the following with those athletes in his/her program: (1) Los Lunas Athletic Code of Conduct (2) Hazing (requires a signature) LLPS Athletic Handbook. (3)Parent/Guardian Code of Expectations for Athletes (requires a signature) LLPS Athletic Handbook Athletic (4) Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Tobacco (requires a signature) LLPS Athletic Handbook (5) Team Rules and Guidelines (6) Locker Room Behavior and Classroom Behavior. (7) Concussion fact sheet and management.

2. Read and discuss School Board Policy 5.6 with coaching staff. Maintain a file containing a copy of the code of each athlete with the signature of the athlete, his/her parent, and the head coach, indicating that each understands the terms of the agreements. Prepare and submit to the athletic office:

a. A list of all athletes participating in the program at least two (2) weeks before the first contest (for eligibility purposes).

b. A list of all letter winners in the program at the end of the season.

c. A complete inventory of equipment at the end of the season.

d. All requests for new equipment for the next year by the deadline set by the Athletic Coordinator/Director.

D. Compile and distribute to all faculty members, assistant principals, and attendance office, a list of athletes who are to be excused from school on each road trip and the date and time of your scheduled departure. If you wish to adjust your departure time, it can be done at that time.

E. See that all equipment is properly inventoried, repaired or replaced if stolen or damaged at the end of the season.

F. Provide a safe keeping place for valuables during practice and game time.

G. Demand that all athletes conduct themselves as gentlemen/ladies at all times when they are representing our city and school.

H. Demand that all Assistant Coaches conduct themselves as gentlemen/ladies at all times when they are representing our city and school. Profanity and conduct unbecoming a Los Lunas Coach will not be tolerated.

I. See that all athletes under his/her jurisdiction are well informed as to all athletic eligibility rules and regulations. Use a grade check form to monitor student-athletes grades weekly for the entire school year.

J. Limit the time athletes will be out of school to a minimum.

K. See that no student in his/her program participates in more than the maximum number of games/contests permitted by the NMAA.

L. To supervise his/her Assistant Coaches and all of the athletic teams that are part of his/her program, to include middle school teams.

M. Be knowledgeable of rules and regulations regarding his/her sport as presented in the NMAA handbook.

N. Keep abreast of rules and rule changes in his/her sport.

O. Attend any required NMAA Rules Clinics.

P. When serving in the capacity as a representative of the Los Lunas Schools, conduct oneself in a manner that will not cause any embarrassment to the team, school, or community. To demand the same expectations of all of his/her Assistant Coaches. Follow NMAA philosophy “Pursuing victory with honor”.

Q. Encourage athletes to participate in as many sports and extra curricular activities as they can handle and coordinate with other coaches and sponsors in optimizing opportunities for students.

R. At all times treat players and athletes as they, themselves, want to be treated. Practice and promote the NMAA “Compete with Class” initiative.

S. Promote his or her sport within the district and community to achieve high levels of participation.

T. Develop a criterion for earning a letter in their particular sport.

U. Sets goals, objectives and a vision for the sport they coach, for themselves and for assistant coaches, each year.

V. While many of the aforementioned responsibilities may be delegated to an assistant coach, it remains the Head Coach's responsibility to see that his/her program is in total compliance.

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