Injuries During Competition or Training

Injuries During Competition or Training

A. Injuries that are designated significant should be handled according to standardized methods. Significant injuries are designated such by the athletic trainers, coaches, school nurses, or physicians present at the time of the occurrence. A significant injury includes at least the following:

1. Head injury resulting in a loss of consciousness, severe headaches, or prolonged amnesia, or bleeding from the ear or nose. (use concussion guidelines)

2. Knee injury resulting in a limp for more than 24 hours, swelling within the joint; dislocation of the kneecap or clinical instability.

3. Back injury resulting in leg pain, changes in bowel or bladder habits (frequency or urgency); blood in the urine; pain causing a loss of two practice sessions.

4. Neck injury resulting in recurrent shoulder or arm pain; spasticity in legs; pain causing loss of one practice session.

5. Pulmonary conditions resulting in prolonged cough, wheezing, or blue skin color.

6. Serious medical illnesses resulting in weight loss, jaundice, or prolonged fatigue.

Students who have been under the care of a licensed medical physician for any injury or illness shall present a written statement to the school athletic trainer stating diagnosis and guidelines for return to activity.

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