Participating and Coaching

Participating and Coaching

 A. In-Season Participation and Coaching
These guidelines (in addition to the general eligibility guidelines) apply to all students during the season, i.e. from the first day of legal practice through the state championship event.

B. Any student has the right to try out for any sport and be evaluated on merit and performance. Selection of team members shall not be made on any basis other than ability and compliance with regulations established by the NMAA and the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education. Students shall have free choice of sports without dictation, condition or coercion.

C. Quitting a Sport

1. Commitment. Having selected a sport, a student athlete shall not quit the sport in season to try out for another sport or take part in an off-season program, until the sport in season terminates. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Athletic Director. The Head Coach must notify the parent/guardian immediately when a student athlete quits the team or has not shown up for practice.

2. Quitters Lists. A student who drops out of a sport shall not be subjected to ridicule or embarrassment. No quitter’s list of any description shall be kept or displayed. Parents/Guardians will be contacted and notified immediately when a student athlete decides to quit. Parent/Guardian contact will be documented.

3. Removal/Suspension. (Conduct Unbecoming an Athlete) A student’s parent/guardian shall be contacted and notified immediately by the head coach when a student athlete is removed and/or suspended from a team for any reason. The Head Coach and AC shall meet with the parent/guardian when removal and or suspension are deemed necessary. (Coach and/or administrator discretion)

D. Practice Sessions.
These are vital for both the student athlete and the team. It is for this reason that the student athlete should meet all attendance requirements as set forth by the Head Coach and as designated in the New Mexico Activities Association Handbook. There are extenuating circumstances, which may prevent a student from being present at all sessions. It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the coach prior to an absence and to present a valid reason for non-attendance.

E. School and Religious Holidays.
Students missing practice/events during school designated and recognized as religious holidays will not be penalized.

F. Class Attendance.
In order for students to participate in an athletic activity, they must attend all classes the day of the contest up to departure time. The Director of Athletics will handle extenuating circumstances on an individual basis.

G. Travel.
Parents(s), guardian(s), and student will assume all legal responsibility for the personal safety and actions of the student while the student is traveling to and from practices and games when Los Lunas Schools does not provide the transportation.

H. Time and game limits as prescribed by the NMAA shall apply to all students.

I. Dual Participation - (NMAA Bylaw 6.13.2) Non-school Competition

1. Permission.

The Athletic Director may grant permission to students who wish to participate simultaneously in school and non-school competition as an individual and/or team member if all of the following conditions are met:

a. The Athletic Director, Athletic Coordinator, and Head Varsity Coach of that sport must first approve the dual participation.

b. The non-school organization or student presents a list of participants and dates of non-school competition to the Athletic Coordinator prior to the beginning of the non-school competition in that sport. Coaches must be consistent with all players, and inform the Athletic Office in writing of those students.

c. There is not a conflict with the school’s practice or competition schedule. Athletic Coordinator determines conflict, if any.

d. Any student participating in a non-school competition, which does not have already established minimums, must participate in at least three (3) school sponsored meets in order to be eligible to enter the district or state meet. (This applies to all sports, which do not already have established minimums).

2. Penalty.
Any student participating in non-school competition without the written permission of the Athletic Director shall be ineligible for school competition. Ineligibility shall be for that particular sport season only.

3. Sunday Practices.
Sunday practices or meetings of any kind are prohibited except high school varsity teams involved in NMAA District or State Tournament games scheduled on Monday. In this case practice may be held on Sunday, not to exceed 60 minutes and beginning after 1:00 P.M, with the approval of the Athletic Coordinator and or Athletic Director.

J. Dual Participation – School Sponsored Sports

1. Nothing precludes a student from participating in more than one sport per school year. Students will not be discriminated against because of their desire to play more than one sport during a sports season.

2. If a student can and desires to participate in more that one sport during the same sport season, the respective Head Coaches affected shall meet and work out the level of participation and practice time necessary for the athlete to compete at the highest level possible in both sports. The agreement shall be in writing and approved by the Athletic Coordinator. A copy of the agreement will be kept on file in the Athletic Office.

K. Additional Requirements. The school district may establish additional rules and regulations, which must be approved by the Athletic Director and Coordinator and distributed to the students in writing. These regulations must conform to the philosophy and purpose of the interscholastic athletic program adopted by the Board of Education.
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