Playing Time & Team Makeup

Playing Time & Team Makeup

A. In-season

1. The coach, of each sporting group or team, has the ultimate and final responsibility for playing time and team makeup.
2. Selection/Assignment to a team does not constitute any guarantee (written or implied) for the athlete to receive any playing time.
3. At the varsity level, teams are expected to be competitive, and on the varsity level, a player should be used when he or she is the best candidate available for the job at the time.
4. Because our philosophy for teams, other than the varsity, is that they are developmental in nature, the selection of players should be done with the intent of getting a reasonable amount of playing time during the season without sacrificing the competitiveness of the team. It shall be the sole responsibility of the coach to define "reasonable”.

B. Out-of-season and summer programs:

1. During the off-season and summer programs, team makeup and playing time decisions should be predicated in terms of player development as the primary goal. Each student during the off season and summer programs should be given an equal opportunity to participate and develop their skills to their individual potential, regardless of their position on in-season teams.
2. Out-of-season and summer programs should be less restrictive, in terms of membership, than in-season teams. Coaches will make an effort to make out-of-season and summer programs more developmental than competitive, and will utilize as many athletes as possible in an effort to raise the level of participation, as well as the proficiency of all participants.

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