Educational Evaluations

Educational Evaluations
Los Lunas Schools will conduct an initial evaluation before providing special education and related services. If you have academic, communication, or motor concerns about your child, please contact your child's teacher to report the concern(s). Your child's teacher will be your first point of contact to address any of the aforementioned concerns. Los Lunas Schools follows the Response to Intervention (RtI) model and the New Mexico Technical Evaluation and Assessment Manual (NMTEAM) as approved by the Public Education Department of New Mexico.

Los Lunas Schools employs a team of Licensed Educational Diagnosticians to complete education evaluations for students. Our Educational Diagnosticians complete evaluations during the school year and the summer.
If your child has been referred for an evaluation by your child's Student Assistance Team, an Educational Diagnostician will contact you to obtain informed consent for an evaluation. Please contact your child's school site or Special Services if you have any questions regarding educational evaluations for your child. If you need to contact the Educational Diagnostician at your child's school, the list of Educational Diagnosticians by school site is below.
Leanora Carpio                                                                                                     Maria Romero
Educational Diagnostician                                                                                    Educational Diagnostician 
Valencia High School                                                                                             Los Lunas High School

Heather DeLair                                                                                                     Michelle Salazar
Educational Diagnostician                                                                                    Educational Diagnostician
Bosque Farms Elementary                                                                                    Valencia Middle School

Crystal Hatley                                                                                                       Paula Sandoval
Educational Diagnostician                                                                                    Educational Diagnostician
Raymond Gabaldon Elementary and Tomé Elementary                                 Los Lunas Middle School

Molly Heavilin-Dobrian                                                                                      Suzette Sandoval
Educational Diagnostician                                                                                    Educational Diagnostician
Child Find                                                                                                                Katherine Gallegos Elementary

Rosemarie Jaramillo                                                                                           Andrea Overman                                                                        Educational Diagnostician                                                                                    Educational Diagnostician                                                   Ann Parish Elementary and Desert View Elementary                                      Peralta Elementary and Valencia Elementary                                                 
Sherry Luna                                                                                                      
Educational Diagnostician                                                                                                                                          
Los Lunas Elementary                                                                                      
Harmony Nilius                                                                                                                          
Educational Diagnostician                                                                                    
Sundance Elementary                                                                                          

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