Minutes September 20, 2022 Regular Meeting

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Ms. Garcia ensured that the Captioner, Computer Tech and Executive Assistant were ready.


Ms. Garcia called the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education meeting to order at 6:03 pm. She welcomed those who were participating in the board meeting in person and those watching the board meeting via livestream on YouTube. Ms. Garcia added that, as a reminder, the link to the meeting was on the District’s webpage, under the Board of Education page. She added that the streaming would run through the end of the meeting, and, in the event there was a disruption in the audio portion, she would pause the meeting until it was reestablished. Ms. Garcia announced that Deputy Superintendent would be filling in for Dr. Romero who was unable to attend the meeting.

LLS BOE Members Present:
Tina Garcia, President
P. David Vickers, Vice President
Bruce Bennett, Secretary
Bryan C. Smith, Member
Eloy Giron, Member

Administrators Present:
Brian Baca, Deputy Superintendent
Claire Cieremans, Chief Finance Officer
Susan Chavez, Chief Student Services Officer
Dr. Deborah Elder, Chief Academic Officer
Andrew Saiz, Dir. of Personnel
Cathy Chavez, Dir. of Special Programs
Karla Dow, Dir. of Assessment Innovations & Accountability
Andy Garcia, Dir. of Maintenance & Construction
Desi Garcia, Dir. of Safety & Security
William Hays, Dir. of Educational Technology
Katherine House, Dir. of Elementary Learning Innovations
Jacqueline Kelly-Romero, COVID Admin. of Special Projects Mary McGowan, Dir. of Special Education
Jessica Montaño, Dir. of Secondary Learning Innovations

Administrators Present:
Michelle Romero, Dir. of Purchasing
Natalie Saiz, Dir. of Support Services
Sandy Traczyk, Dir. of Finance
Elena Trodden, Dir. of Language Learning Innovations
Carlos Castillo. Payroll Supervisor
Tiffany McMinn, Construction Supervisor
Paul Carder, Principal, Los Lunas High School
Albert Aragon, Principal, Valencia High School
Joann Carter, Principal, Valencia Middle School
Deanna Herrera, Principal, Bosque Farms Elementary
Jeff Hartog, Principal, Katherine Gallegos Elementary
Eric Tiger, Principal, Los Lunas Elementary
Amy Viramontes, Principal, Peralta Elementary
Catharine Campbell, Principal, Raymond Gabaldon Elementary
Venessa Tregembo, Principal, Sundance Elementary
Monica Rivera, Principal, Tomé Elementary
Suzanne Chavez, Principal, Valencia Elementary
Robert Sims, Jr., Asst. Principal, Los Lunas High School
Jennifer Otero, Asst. Principal, Valencia High School
Chelsea Servantes, Asst. Principal, Valencia High School
Edric Chavez, Asst. Principal, Los Lunas Middle School
Michelle Coffin, Asst. Principal, Valencia Middle School
Lisa Begay, Asst. Principal, Ann Parish Elementary
Adam Hulskamp, Asst. Principal, Bosque Farms Elementary
Sara Graf, Asst. Principal, Desert View Elementary
Teri Gough, Asst. Principal, Katherine Gallegos Elementary
Matthew Pendrak, Asst. Principal, Los Lunas Elementary
Edward Ramirez, Asst. Principal, Sundance Elementary
Jacqueline Farrell, Asst. Principal, Tomé Elementary
Sheresa Jaramillo, Asst. Principal, Valencia Elementary

Others Present:
Jacqueline Archuleta-Staehlin, Esq., Cuddy McCarthy
Makayla Grijalva, Valencia County News Bulletin
MaryAnn Chavez, NEA-Los Lunas
Approximately eighty-five (85) additional individuals were in
Approximately 375 individuals watched via live streaming.


Ms. Garcia asked Mr. Baca to announce the meeting. Mr. Baca reported the meeting had been announced in accordance with the LLS Open Meetings Resolution, and, it was a legally constituted meeting of the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education.

3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Ezehkiah Lindenmuth, Bosque Farms Elementary and
Devin Tenorio, Tomé Elementary

Ms. Garcia announced that they had two students with them to lead the Pledge of Allegiance: Ezehkiah Lindenmuth from Bosque Farms Elementary and Devin Tenorio from Tomé Elementary.


Ms. Garcia asked Mr. Baca if there were any changes or deletions to the agenda. Mr. Baca stated that he would like to make one amendment to the agenda. They had several recognitions that evening and would ask that the Board move Item # 9. A. B. and C. RECOGNITIONS - 2021-22 NMAA 4A State Champions: VHS Concert Band; Enchantment Little League, and YUCCA Little League to follow Item #4. APPROVAL OF AGENDA. Ms. Garcia called for a motion regarding the approval of the agenda.

Mr. Vickers moved, and Mr. Smith seconded, to approve the agenda as amended.

Ms. Garcia asked if there was any discussion before she called for a vote.

There being none, Ms. Garcia called for a vote with the following results: Eloy Giron – yes; Bruce Bennett – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; Bryan C. Smith – yes; and Tina Garcia – yes. The motion to approve the agenda as amended was passed: 5/0.

(Note: the numerical listing on the agenda/minutes was not changed, just the order in which the
items were discussed. ksw)

5. PUBLIC COMMENT (In Accordance with Board Policy 2.8.8 Public Address to the Board)

Ms. Garcia announced that they’d had one request submitted. However, she and Dr. Romero had received a message that the person was unable to be present. The request will be moved to the next meeting.


Ms. Garcia called for a motion.

Mr. Bennett moved, and Mr. Vickers seconded, to approve all of the action items on the action agenda listed by consent with the following exception: Item # 12. A. i. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022) Approval of Reports for August 2022 - Schedule of Checks Written.

Ms. Garcia stated that, for the benefit of the audience, all item agendas had been reviewed by the board members individually. Consent items were the action items on the agenda presented by the Superintendent and the staff for approval. If no discussion had been asked regarding those items by any of the board members, those items would be submitted for approval by one motion or vote.

There being no further discussion, Ms. Garcia called for a vote regarding the consent items with the following results: Eloy Giron – yes; Bruce Bennett – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; Bryan C. Smith - yes; and Tina Garcia – yes. Motion regarding the consent items passed: 5/0.

7. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: August 16, 2022 Regular Board Meeting
(Approved by Consent)


A. Student Representative Report: Erika Sena, Valencia High School

Mr. Baca Introduced Erika Sena to give the first student representative report of the year. Erika thanked the members of the Board and Mr. Baca for allowing her to speak about Valencia High School.

Erika said she was a National Honor Society Member, Student Body Vice President, and the Captain of the Jagzz Dance Team. For all of her high school career she had attended Valencia High School and, in that time, she had been able to experience many aspects of student life.

The student life on campus was ideal, the community and diversity at VHS was like no other school she had heard of. The campus at VHS was similar to a college campus - it was very open and allowed the students to experience the amazing Manzano Mountains, get fresh air, and take some time to cool down between classes.

Erika reported that her favorite part of VHS was the community. The students strived for greatness, and when students struggled, the amazing teachers made it a goal to push for their success. As a Jagzz Dancer, she had the honor of cheering at a variety of sporting events. Through those opportunities, she had witnessed her peers working hard to build the student sections and increase school pride. It always looked incredibly fun and spirited to be a part of this group. As Student Body Vice President, she knew the work that her fellow Student Council members put into the student section, and to see them succeed always made her day.

Lately VHS had gained some amazing ELT Programs that allow for students to become more involved with such things as Model Car Club, Science Olympiad, Chamber Music, Coping Skills, Social Emotional Painting, Girls Who Code, and 9 ¾ Drama Club. Through those programs, students could find a community of people who shared common interests and could build a support system that would last them for years to come.


A. Student Representative Report: Erika Sena, Valencia High School (Continued)

Due to COVID, she said her freshman and sophomore years turned out to be kind of funky. She said she found that during this time more than others was when students began to struggle for motivation, herself being one of them. She had never found herself to be truly successful and she’d always had doubts in herself. Through her peers and the staff at VHS, she’d found her comfort. VHS was lucky to have caring staff members to help students like herself find their success and strive for greater things in adult life.

Erika thanked the Board for letting her speak that night.

The board members, along with Mr. Baca, individually commended Ms. Sena for her report, during which she was praised for her leadership and public speaking skills. Discussion ensued regarding Ms. Sena’s future plans to become a teacher, and they encouraged her to meet Mr. Saiz, the LLS Director of Personal, when she obtained her degree, to consider teaching in Los Lunas.

B. School Reports and Recognition

i. Bosque Farms Elementary: Deanna Herrera, Principal

Mr. Baca stated that their first school report of the year would be from Bosque Farms Elementary and invited Deanna Herrera, BFE Principal, to come to the podium. Ms. Herrera thanked the board members and Mr. Baca for the opportunity to speak to them about Bosque Farms Elementary. She then introduced her Assistant Principal, Adam Hulskamp, and recognized the staff members and students in the audience.


B. School Reports and Recognition

i. Bosque Farms Elementary: Deanna Herrera, Principal

Mr. Herrera and Mr. Hulskamp then then gave a PowerPoint Presentation during which they discussed the following topics:

Change in Practice to support their 90-day plan
• Teaching Tier I instruction in reading, math, and science with a rigorous and complete curriculum.
• Administrative Walkthroughs with face-to-face feedback.
• Utilizing data from assessments to target instruction

Academic Improvement (Student Centered)
• Grade level SMART goals both in ELA and Math
• Winning Recipe with Learning Targets
• Writing Revolution Book Study
• Number Talks in Math
• Recognition and Celebration with Description-Student and Staff

Parent / Family Communication of Goals
• Family involvement in the learning process with nightly reading and fact fluency practice.
• Monthly newsletters
• Grade level SMART goals
• Extended Learning Time Program Activities

Ms. Herrera and Mr. Hulskamp presented the Bosque Farms Above and Beyond Award to Alexis Garcia Gonzalez.

Discussion ensued during which board members asked and were given more information regarding aspects of the presentation, including number talks, BFE goals, afterschool groups, in particular, the chess group, and the playground chess set. They and their staff were commended for their efforts and hard work.


B. School Reports and Recognition

ii. Tomé Elementary: Monica Rivera, Principal

Mr. Baca stated that their second school report would be from Tomé Elementary and invited Monica Rivera, Tomé’s Principal to come to the podium. Ms. Rivera thanked the board members and Mr. Baca for the opportunity to speak to them about Tomé Elementary. She then introduced her Assistant Principal, Jacqueline Farrell, and recognized the TE staff members in the audience.

Ms. Rivera and Ms. Farrell then gave a PowerPoint Presentation during which they discussed the following topics

Change in Practice to support their 90-day plan
• Learning Targets clearly visible during Tier I instruction
• Instructional Schedule (Collaboration & Instructional Blocks)
• Collaborative Team Meeting Practices

Academic Improvement (Student Centered)
• PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)
• Collaborative Team Meetings (Twice per week)
• Attendance-incentivizing and celebrating

Parent / Family Communication of Goals
• Title I Meeting
• Reading & Math Night (Spring 2023)
• Parent/Teacher Conferences & Regular Communication

Ms. Rivera and Ms. Farrell presented the Tomé Elementary Above and Beyond Award to Blake Fein.


B. School Reports and Recognition

ii. Tomé Elementary: Monica Rivera, Principal

Discussion ensued during which board members asked about, and were given, more information regarding various aspects of the presentation, including the Tomé’s incentives and rewards, in particular the Jagz store, their goals, afterschool activities, and community input. Ms. Rivera and Ms. Jaramillo, along with their staff, were commended for their efforts and hard work.

(By action taken under Item #4, APPROVAL OF AGENDA, Item #9 was addressed after
Item #4 APPROVAL OF AGENDA. and before Item #5. PUBLIC COMMENT - ksw)


A. 2021-22 NMAA 4A State Champions: VHS Concert Band
Mr. Aragon, Principal of VHS, thanked the board members and Mr. Baca for allowing them to honor the hard work and dedication of the 2021-22 VHS Concert Band under the direction of Head Band Director: Sergio Beraun, along with Assistant Band Directors: Michelle Stambary, and Jose Martinez.

Mr. Aragon stated that the band program had continued to demonstrate excellence. He announced the success the VHS Band had just had over the past weekend at the Band of Champions. Valencia High School band won first in Class 4A. In addition, they won awards for outstanding general effect, outstanding music performance, and outstanding visual performance. The VHS Band Director, Sergio Beraun, was unable to attend the meeting, but submitted the following information regarding the VHS band program.
Before the pandemic hit, the VHS band had over 140 students in the program. After the covid year there were only 30 students left in the band program. After a summer of heavy recruitment these students began the year with less than 70 students in the program. Overcoming adversity, became the goal for the year as the students worked extremely hard and diligently to perform music that pushed them all year long.

9. RECOGNITIONS (Continued)

A. 2021-22 NMAA 4A State Champions: VHS Concert Band (Continued)
Learning how to acclimate back to the new “normal” was difficult with bell covers, masks, and social distancing. However, these students kept pushing themselves and rose dramatically in the final months of the spring semester. Due to their hard work and dedication, the students qualified for the State Band Contest in March and would later go one to win their division in April.

Certificates were given to the band directors and students who earned the distinction of 2021-2022 Class 4A Concert Band State Champions.

Head Band Director: Sergio Beraun

Assistant Band Directors: Michelle Stanbary and Jose Martinez

Shontae Abeita
Unique Aguilar
Daniel Altobello
Edgar Alvarado
Alexander Baca
Andres Beltran
Jaden Bowie
Miguel Carrasco
Lucy Darst
Evelyn Flores
Cristian Gonzalez
David Gonzalez
Raymond Gurule
Natalia Hernandez
Morgan Hidalgo
Caden Houck
Adrian Hull
Daniel Iturralde
Cienna Jaramillo
Maggie Kelly Karney
Austin Kelly Karney
Jackson Kirkpatrick
Blake Klobuchar
Elena Lopez
Isaac Lucero
Angel Marcial
Dylan Morehead
Gabby Moya
Clarissa Nunez
Rut Ochoa Flores
Alfredo Oliveros
Brianna Peasley
Judah Piper
Geomy Pohl
Angel Quevedo
Yessenia Rivera
Aliyah Romero
Gabriel Ronquillo
Vincent Sanchez
Stephanie Sandoval
Destiny Silva
Damon Sizemore
Jacob Sizemore
Elena Torrez
Tatiana Villa

Mr. Aragon stated that so often people focused what was not right in education, but before them was what was right. He thanked everyone for their support.

9. RECOGNITIONS (Continued)

A. 2021-22 NMAA 4A State Champions: VHS Concert Band (Continued)

The board members individually commended the band members and the directors on their ongoing success and dedication. Mr. Giron stated that they had everything about education, but these were the good things, okay? He said that on Friday night, he had to play grandpa and had to take three boys to the football game. Mr. Giron said it was a little expensive, with hot dogs, and pickles, and popcorn, and all that.

Mr. Giron said they went to watch the football game, and asked if they knew what happened? He got to see a show at halftime. He said he was impressed. He was shocked. He said that his wife was speechless – they did good. Mr. Giron stated he’d heard they went to a competition on Saturday - they (the band members) were a little busy. Mr. Giron reiterated that they made him proud. He was amazed.

Mr. Giron said that at the last meeting, Wilson Holland said something. He’d said, did they know how hard it was to win state? It's not easy. Mr. Giron told the guys (the band members) they needed to be proud, and that they were all proud of them. He added that they made guys like him in this community feel proud when stuff like that happened. Those were the feel-good things.

B. Enchantment Little League

C. YUCCA Little League

Ms. Garcia stated that Mr. Giron had asked for the item to be on the agenda, and asked if he would like to introduce them and say a few words. He said no she could go ahead. Ms. Garcia invited the teams up, and asked the representatives from each of the two little leagues to introduce their players and coaches and to talk about their seasons. Afterwards, certificates were presented to the representatives of the two little leagues in recognition of their successful seasons. The two teams, their coaches, and parents were commended for their accomplishments.

9. RECOGNITIONS (Continued)

B. Enchantment Little League

C. YUCCA Little League

Ms. Garcia pointed out that Mr. Giron had brought the teams’ success to their attention and asked if he wanted to make a comment.

Mr. Giron said he got to watch them in the summer. It was fun watching them. He said it was too bad YUCCA had to go to the loser brackets, and they had to go to 10 games until it was over. He said it wasn’t a school-sanctioned event, but they were still student athletes. Mr. Giron told the guys, parents, and coaches, that he wanted them to look at that blue trophy. He asked Mr. Vickers if it was blue or purple as he was colorblind, then added it was okay… it was a championship trophy. He said that in probably about seven or eight years, they (the board members) probably won't be up there, but he hoped somebody, someone else, would recognize them as a State Champions in something.

The other board members added their congratulations. Ms. Garcia asked the teams to stay up front to take a group photo. She announced that they would take a break at that time and invited everyone to stay for refreshments.


Ms. Garcia called for a break at 6:35 pm.


Ms. Garcia called the meeting back into regular session at 6:45 pm.


Mr. Baca turned it over to Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Cieremans, to discuss the status of the 2019 bond projects. Ms. Cieremans thanked him and said she was honored to speak to them that night about the 2019 bond election. She said she would take them all back to 2019 . The staff, parents, and the community had very graciously supported their bonds. They had the opportunity to sell $22,000,000.00 over the four-year period. With $22,000,000.00, they had a lot of needs at our school sites. She was glad that the principals and other employees were there that evening and could hear about that, because they could all attest to the things that were happening at their school sites.

Ms. Cieremans explained that every four years, they had to go back out to the public in order to continue their bond election process. They utilized RBC Capital Markets, to help-them with that process. They had to approve the election, then they had four years to sell the amount of bonds that they had available, then after that, they had to go back out to their public to have that approved again in order to improve that bond.

Ms. Cieremans stated that there had not been a tax increase as long as she’d been in the district, so, for the last 26 years, they’d not increased the taxes in our community, and they had maintained their tax base in order to fulfill the projects that they had.

Ms. Cieremans reported that a lot of them were really familiar with the fact that they also very heavily utilized the Public School Capital Outlay Counsel for projects. The reason why they did that was because they participated in a percentage of our projects. The State paid a portion, and then, the district added their bonds generated from local taxes. So, with $22 million, once they’d identified all of our needs for our Facility Master Plans, it was usually over $150 million worth of items, and in some cases, also larger, and they had $22 million. The District did the best that they could with the $22,000,000.00 with all the school sites. When they utilized the PSFA, it had been great with a lot of schools benefitting.


Ms. Cieremans stated that Sundance Elementary was a great example of projects. They were in the design phase at Peralta Elementary. They had their design committee meeting a few weeks ago, and they had another progress meeting tomorrow, so that project would happen, and they were really, really proud of what they had accomplished.

Ms. Cieremans explained that when they did utilize PSFA. There was a process. There were additional she would call them, barriers, that they had to adhere to. If they utilized the (PSFA) process, their involvement in the decision-making, was one that they held in a particular practice - they funded 76% of the project, and we held 25% of the project, and the District were utilizing our tax dollars on that project to complete. She noted that they’d had a couple of other projects that they’d been awarded through PSFA, including security projects, at all of our school sites.

Ms. Cieremans noted that she was going to have Tiffany come up in a minute, and didn’t want to steal her thunder. She had a lot of great pictures to show them. They also had other projects that had been awarded, and also our pre-K centers. She reported that they had two pre-K centers that were in the works as well.

Ms. Cieremans stated that, again, there were a lot of really exciting things going on. It was never too early to start talking about our bonds, because they would have to go back out to the public in November of '23 to be awarded, as well as, the mill levies. The combinations of those two was roughly $10 million a year that they brought in for our district, and they could just imagine how devastating that would be for them not to have $10,000,000.00 available to our students and staff. They had awesome facilities, they had technology at their fingertips, and they had some really great, great things going on.

With that, she said she would invite Tiffany up to go over the projects, and they would then stand for any questions.


Ms. Cieremans then asked Tiffany Gutierrez, Construction Supervisor, to give a PowerPoint Presentation, during which she updated the Board on projects that had been finalized and which were in progress, including the following areas:

Every school to receive facility upgrades over four years:
• Safety and Security Playgrounds
• Athletic Facilities
• Lighting and Flooring
• Parking Lots
• Provide matching funds for Capital Outlay projects
• Peralta Elementary, Pre-K Centers, Los Lunas Middle School systems and various site safety and security upgrades

Playground Improvements
• New Playground Installs at
• Desert View Elementary
• Ann Parish Elementary
• Valencia Elementary
• Tome Elementary
• Playground repairs throughout the district

Athletic Facility Improvements
• Scoreboard Replacements
• VMS Gym Floor
• Baseball & Softball Portable Backstops and Batting Cages
• VHS Stadium Improvements
• Obstacle Courses
• In Progress LLHS Stadium Master Plan

Lighting and Flooring
• LLHS Auditorium House
• LED Lighting
• LLHS Gym LED Lighting
• Exterior Campus LED Lighting
• Classroom Carpet Replacement throughout the District


Parking Lot Improvements
• New or Replacement Asphalt
• Teacher Recourse Center
• Valencia High School
• Los Lunas High School
• Valencia Elementary

• Repairs In Progress
• Los Lunas Elementary
• Desert View Elementary
• Katherine Gallegos Elementary
• Tomé Elementary

Painting and Striping throughout the District

Safety and Security Districtwide
• Secure Vestibules
• Intercom Improvements
• Security Camera Upgrades
• Access Control
• Campus Fencing & Gates
• Fire Alarm System Upgrades

LLMS Systems Improvements
• Roof Replacement
• New Flooring, Paint, Ceiling Tiles, Cabinets
• Bathroom Renovations
• Site Drainage, Courtyard, Site Improvements
• Gymnasium Renovation

Peralta Elementary School & Pre-K Center
• PSCOC Award
• Completed
• Feasibility Study
• Ed Specifications
• Site Surveying
• Elementary Boundary Study
• Design: In Progress


RGE Pre-K Center
• PSCOC Award
• Elementary Boundary Study

Ms. Cieremans stated that they would stand for any questions after which, Ms. Garcia asked the board members if they had any questions. Mr. Bennett stated that he didn’t have any questions, but wanted to say that it was impressive what they had gotten done with the bond money in such a short amount of time. It was pretty obvious, and they could see that all of these upgrades were needed. He said they truly appreciated their work.

Mr. Bennett and Mr. Vickers led discussion regarding the various projects to ensure the facilities were taken care of and that our students and staff had safe and comfortable sites. Note was taken that they had included student input on two of the playgrounds. It was further noted how much time the organization and oversite of the projects took, the collaboration of all stakeholders, and how much their efforts were appreciated.

Mr. Giron stated that it passed in 2019. He thought there was a bookmark, a piece of plastic, and it had the projects on there. He said he saw some of the projects on there, but one says bond elections passed. He said he guessed his question was for Brian. Did they have latitude to move that money onto different projects? He said he meant, they went out and said it one way, and it appeared that they were doing something different … not that the needs weren’t out there.

Mr. Baca stated that he would refer the question to their Chief Financial Officer to answer, because she was more aware of how the money from an award could be used.

Ms. Cieremans reported that they utilized the District’s Five-Year Facility Master Plan, to update and prioritize projects. All the projects that they had listed in the Facility Master Plan were done or currently in the works, and they had a plan in place to accomplish those.


Ms. Cieremans stated that they were in the process right now of updating the Facility Master Plan, and that would take place likely over the next eight to nine months. That would determine the projects the community, the Board, the District wanted. They would a set of priorities, and they would utilize that document to go forward.

Ms. Cieremans asked Mr. Giron, which project, specifically, that he was referring to that he thought was not completed.

Mr. Giron referenced a bookmarker; he did not have it with him, but he thought he remembered five of the six projects. One was for Peralta, and he knew in the February-March time frame, they gave them a real quick Master Plan. Peralta was supposed be moving to Century High School, or he didn’t know what they called it anymore. He knew that COVID hit, but they’d also had stakeholders, or they had public hearings or meetings within the community. They had the neighbors, they had parents, had board members, then said he didn’t even know if they had a board member attending those meetings still. But, the other one was fencing for Tomé Elementary, another was a campus for Century High School, and one of them, the reason why he brought it up, he other one was for Los Lunas Middle School parking. It was on that bookmark that they campaigned with. Mr. Giron said his question, again, was did they have that latitude when they campaigned for one thing, they would tell the taxpayers, they would have $22,000,000.00, not raising taxes, but they might be doing something different. Did they have latitude to do that?

Ms. Cieremans stated that yes, they would go back to the Facility Master Plan, and a lot of the items that they identified were not really specific. For instance, safety and security at the school sites, It wasn't specifically identified which items that they needed to accomplish that. Fencing throughout the district, upgrades to our parking lots - all of those were identified off of the list that Tiffany had just provided. Ms. Cieremans reiterated that it was what was on the flyer that was presented to the community. All those items had been touched in one way shape or form.


Mr. Giron asked if that was with the $22,000,000.00? She replied yes and added that they would sell the last portion of that bond, likely, in the Spring to complete the 2019 bond election. They would then prepare them and get ready for next election process.

Mr. Giron said the reason he brought it up was that they were being fiscally responsible, and they were showing the community that they were doing the right thing. That they could have confidence in them. They were moving forward with those projects. He noted that at the 2019 bond election, he thought, there was only a difference of 300 votes.

Ms. Cieremans reiterated again that it would be devastating to this community if the bonds and the levees did not continue. She stated that was why they worked really, really hard to stay within their means, and not increase taxes. She noted that a lot of the districts were proposing increases and they struggled a lot of times in passing those elections. She reiterated that our district had been very fortunate; they’d been able to stay well within our means to keep our tax rate even, so they could continue to improve our facilities in our schools.

Ms. Cieremans and her staff were thanked for the great job they did. Ms. Garcia said it was a great and informative presentation. She noted that the item was for presentation only; no action was needed or warranted.

11. PRESENTATION OF BOARD POLICY – First Reading: 2.8.8 Public Address to the Board
(Submitted by Bryan C. Smith)

Ms. Garcia stated that they were then on Item #11 which was the presentation of PRESENTATION OF BOARD POLICY – First Reading: 2.8.8 Public Address to the Board (Submitted by Bryan C. Smith) and turned it over to Mr. Smith.

11. PRESENTATION OF BOARD POLICY – First Reading: 2.8.8 Public Address to the Board
(Submitted by Bryan C. Smith) (Continued)

Mr. Smith, said they had asked Attorney Gallegos to review the changes that were already made to the policy. He said her version of it looked a lot better, and she’d condensed it in a way that it made sense, and it was very readable. He added that all of the board members had been sent a version of the proposed change to Policy 2.8.8 that he was going to submit for consideration to the board. He told the board members he was hoping that they’d all had the opportunity to at least open and somewhat review what was sent to them by the attorney for consideration.

Ms. Garcia stated that they were basically looking at their current policy, some of the amendments that were made by Mr. Smith, and that Ms. Gallegos’ interpretation of how best to direct them on the policy. She asked if any of other board members wanted to comment on anything or had anything they wanted to review.

Discussion ensued during which Mr. Bennett said he’d gone through it but was waiting to read Mr. Kennedy's report on the policy, and added that he believed that it would be done at the workshop.
Mr. Smith said they’d been informed that they were seventh on the list for the people doing board policies so they were looking at double-digit months down the road before Mr. Kennedy even began to work on those policies.

Ms. Garcia led further discussion regarding the work session, during which she stated that they had a meeting scheduled with the board members in October to talk to them about their policies and the plan for the district. She noted that she wasn’t sure when it was requested that our District meet with the NMSBA’s guidelines for models for policies, and added that she knew there was rotation. When asked, Mr. Baca stated that the meeting was scheduled for October 14th. They had begun reviewing policies but COVID had caused a delay. Ms. Garcia thanked Mr. Baca for the confirmation that it had been put into motion. Although she didn’t know exactly what was on the work session, just that they would be working on the policies. She added that she was not opposed to his policy coming forward, but felt it should be generated from the work session.

11. PRESENTATION OF BOARD POLICY – First Reading: 2.8.8 Public Address to the Board
(Submitted by Bryan C. Smith) (Continued)

Mr. Smith stated that he didn’t understand why she was waiting for Mr. Kennedy to give an opinion on something they’d just got a legal opinion on. That made no sense to him that they would delay it again. They’d had the policy, with the changes, with the exception of a couple of words, from the one that they were given, for four months, and she wanted to tell him that she wanted to hold up a couple more months so that they look at it differently? Or have a different attorney look at it? It's in the writing. They’d looked at this enough, they had enough. It was obvious that there were different sides of the fence on the policy, but it was time for them to quit putting it off. They were a board, there were five of them, and it was time whether they wanted to have this policy change, or whether they didn’t. The one he was sent today was the one that they were submitting. It was perfect. It involved our community, and it welcomed them inside the board. They built this building, and the board was keeping them out.

Ms. Garcia said she was not opposing him bringing forward that verbiage and that policy. The next meeting was in October. They would meet with Mr. Kennedy prior to that meeting. She was not opposing any item he wanted to put on the agenda, and wanted to bring them forward in October.

Mr. Giron said he was confused, and asked why they were waiting for Mr. Kennedy for our policy?
Ms. Garcia asked Mr. Baca, if he wanted to want to speak to why they were …Mr. Giron interjected that no he was asking her why her why she was waiting on Mr. Kennedy for their policy? Ms. Garcia responded that she was not waiting on anything, and added that it could be on the next agenda. Her thought was that Mr. Kennedy was scheduled to meet with them and present to them on all the policies that was in the manual from the NMSBA. He would be able to talk to them about the procedure like he was with many of the other boards. Not just on this polices but all of them. She was not the one who first requested it. It didn’t come from her, but a prior board had started that process. She said she was going to refer to Mr. Baca to tell her when that happened, and where he believed they were in the policy, or the contract with the Association.

11. PRESENTATION OF BOARD POLICY – First Reading: 2.8.8 Public Address to the Board
(Submitted by Bryan C. Smith) (Continued)

Mr. Baca led discussion regarding the process of reviewing board policies, including a first and second reading to allow everyone the opportunity to give input. Typically after the second reading, the policy was brought forth for the third reading and vote. At this point, the policy was being submitted for a first reading, and no action was needed at that time.

Mr. Vickers asked if there would be action taken on it in October. It was reiterated that it would be presented again in October for the second reading. At that time each board member had the opportunity to both review and/or make separate recommendations to the policy. It was the Board's policy, and each member should read it before the next meeting and the second reading. Discussion ensued on how input would be made. Ms. Garcia suggested that her member do their homework and that the suggestions would be given in detail including the paragraph, line, sentence etc. as was done
for all policies. Discussion continued on which document would be presented including the version Mr. Smith felt was the best looking document for them to consider. Mr. Giron said he assumed Mr. Smith would get them the one that would be on the agenda for October, and added he wondered what they would do when they got to the hard policies.

The Executive Assistant asked for clarification on what it was they would be submitting for the second reading. The entire policy was 2.8. Were they leaving the rest of the policy alone, and just submitting that small portion for changes? Mr. Smith stated that was 2.8.8. and it was now through He asked if she was aware that it was their largest policy, and reiterated that he was proposing changes to that portion.

She responded that she did know that, and that part of her confusion was that they were not working on the most current policy – it had been updated last year. When asked, she confirmed that the board work session was scheduled for October 14th. It was her understanding that during a portion of that, Mr. Kennedy would be speaking to them about the board policy service from NMSBA. They would be able to speak to him about the route they wanted to take – either to use or not. If they had a different date or further information for the topics, she asked that they provide that to her so it could be published. Ms. Garcia thanked her, and then stated that the item was for presentation only. It was the first three readings for this policy. No action was needed or warranted at that time.

12. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for August 2022
i. Schedule of Checks Written

Ms. Garcia stated that took them to Item #12. A. i and said that two board members had listed it for discussion. Mr. Bennett stated that there had been discussion at the last meeting about whether they had uniforms and other items at the sites. He’d noticed that there were several items including the report of checks written, that were not necessarily listed by site. He asked if Ms. Cieremans could update of those purchases.

Ms. Cieremans confirmed that items were purchased based on the needs and requests from the school sites. They did receive a lot of the equipment during the month of August. She explained that they were on checks written; again, and were purchased so the teams had the adequate equipment and supplies that they needed to be successful. Mr. Bennett thanked her for the information.

Mr. Giron stated that Jacque had given them a really good email giving them their roles and giving them their rules. He thanked her for that. It meant a lot. But it still did not match up with what the language on this agenda. Her emails that it was for information only. He respected that 100%. But the agenda did not reflect what that email said. So that was the only thing he had to say.

Mr. Smith stated that he, Ms. Garcia, and the superintendent had discussed that earlier, and he’d made the suggestion that it not come under anything that required a motion. He said he was told it was going to be somewhere else on the agenda. Until they found out if they were actually approving checks, he made the recommendation that she take it off of this section so they were not having this conversation every single board meeting. He could not vote to approve checks if he was not supposed to be approving the checks.

12. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for August 2022
i. Schedule of Checks Written (Continued)
Ms. Garcia told Mr. Smith he was right. They did have an extensive conversation about it. She did not move it or do anything with it for this agenda because she wanted all of the board to help make that decision. She agreed, Ms. Staehlin had given them her understanding that they were not approving checks. But what they were approving was the financial reports given to them monthly, and she believed that was one of the duties that the board had to do. They could take it off, she could make it so they didn’t have A,B, C or D, however many there were, but they did have to have the reports for approval.

Mr. Smith responded that he understood the report - the financial report. He was specifically talking about checks written. He understood that. That was the only conversation he’d had. Ms. Garcia said her question was to all of the board members, was she removing checks only? Yes or no , up or down. He responded that he thought she was confusing everything here. He did not know where she was going with it, and didn’t understand what she’d just said.

Discussion ensued between Ms. Garcia and Mr. Smith whether the report of checks written, along with the other four reports was for information only, if they should be removed, moved, and if so where, and whether that was the only thing Mr. Smith was requesting be moved. Mr. Smith stated he didn’t want anything off the agenda, he just didn’t want the word ‘approval’. He said that obviously they needed to discuss it, and should be on the agenda. They should be aware of it, and they could discuss it. If they were not supposed to approve it, he did not think it should be under anything that required an approval, and that was his only statement.

Ms. Giron stated that he thought David said it at the last meeting. He’d said, let me be the devil’s advocate. What if they did not vote for this, and nothing was said after that. He asked if they did not vote for that, what would happen?

12. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for August 2022
i. Schedule of Checks Written (Continued)

Ms. Garcia confirmed with Mr. Vickers that he had asked that question at the Audit Committee meeting. Mr. Vickers stated that first of all, it seemed like someone was wanting to make a comment on that. Ms. Cieremans then stated that there was a policy, 3.3 and 3.33 that designated the CFO as the fiscal agent to execute the expenditures on behalf of the District.

Mr. Vickers stated that he asked the Audit Company if they needed to vote on it or could it just be for information . the answer was yes, they needed to vote on it – not on the checks written, but on the report. If there was an issue, the Board was responsible to bring it up. So yes, it had to be on the agenda to be voted on. Mr. Smith confirmed that the way it has been.

Mr. Vickers stated that it was the report. It was their opportunity looking at the report, if something looks strange, to bring it up and ask for more information and investigate. That was the way they had been doing it. It was what they had been ordered to do. They had to take the approval of reports for August of 2022, and they had to vote on all of the reports under approval of reports.

Mr. Smith led discussion on when they received the finance information. He said they currently got the board flash drive 72 hours prior to the meeting, but he would like to get the information when the Finance Committee members did so when they came to a meeting they could vote knowing what they were voting for, and so if there was issues with that particular report, they could bring it up at the meeting. He thought that was doable. When the committee meeting was over, maybe they could get it then, instead of 72 hours before – that would be his recommendation.

12. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for August 2022
i. Schedule of Checks Written (Continued)

Discussion ensued during which Ms. Garcia stated that she knew staff had worked really hard to try to get as much information to them as quickly and timely as they could when organizing out the agenda and putting everything up on the agenda. She knew that there was a very tight crunch to get all of that in. She reiterated that she knew staff was doing the best they could to get it to them as fast as possible.

Further discussion ensued during when Mr. Smith stated that what he was saying was that he would like to get the finance information when the finance committee got theirs. Ms. Garcia stated that after the finance committee meeting, it was given to Mrs. Wolfe, she believed to present to them in our agenda and to get all of that documentation together from the finance office for our agenda. She guessed if that flash drive with finance matters was available after the finance committee on that Tuesday meeting, it could also be presented to the board separate if they wanted it. Ms. Cieremans stated that she would do as she was instructed.

Mr. Smith stated that he understood that, and added that he was not instructing anyone to do anything. He was making a recommendation. He would like to have it after the Finance Committee was done.

Mr. Smith said he understood that when it came to the agenda it may look different than what it did in the Finance Committee, and he was okay with that. But sometimes 72 hours, with a work schedule, was not enough time, and he would appreciate as much time as he could.

12. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for August 2022 (Continued)
i. Schedule of Checks Written (Continued)

The Executive Assistant asked for clarification. She noted that the full flash drive, including the finance items, had been available to the board members on the Thursday prior to the meeting. She asked if were now looking at two separate flash drives? Ms. Wolfe said she would do whatever they directed the Superintendent to do. She noted that there were several flash drives that still needed to be returned to the office to be reloaded and asked that they be returned.

Mr. Smith asked if the PDF was too big to email? She responded that she would do whatever she was instructed to do, whether it was to give it to them on one flash drive, separate flash drives, email it, or use a secure drive. She reiterated that once direction was given to the Superintendent, she would be happy to do whatever she was instructed.

Ms. Garcia thanked her, and then told the board members to please reach out to Dr. Romero so he could find the best practice for the next meeting. She then called for a motion.

Mr. Bennett moved, and Mr. Vickers seconded to approve Item # 12. A. i. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022) Approval of Reports for August 2022 - Schedule of Checks Written There being no further discussion, Ms. Garcia called for a vote regarding the consent items with the following results: Eloy Giron – no; Bruce Bennett – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; Bryan C. Smith – said he had no problem with the checks so he voted – yes; and Tina Garcia – yes. Motion to approve Item # 12.A. i. passed 4-1.

12. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for August 2022 (Continued)
ii. Cash on Hand (Approved by Consent)
iii. Investments on Hand (Approved by Consent)
iv. Monthly Budget Reports (Approved by Consent)
v. Revenue (Approved by Consent)

B. Approval of Budget Adjustment Requests
i. 28189 GRADS Child Care Initial Budget (Approved by Consent)
ii. 28190 GRADS Instructional Initial Budget (Approved by Consent)
iii. 24106 IDEA B Transfer BAR (Approved by Consent)
iv. 25153 Medicaid Transfer BAR (Approved by Consent)
v. 27412 At Risk Intervention Initial Budget (Approved by Consent)
vi. 24308 ESSER II Transfer BAR (Approved by Consent)
vii. 27201 School Lunch Co Pay Decrease BAR (Approved by Consent)
viii. 27107 GO Bond Library Decrease BAR (Approved by Consent)

C. Approval of Budget Adjustment Requests (Not Requiring Public Education Dept. (PED) Approval

i. 25153 Medicaid Maintenance BAR (Approved by Consent)

ii. 24308 ESSER II Maintenance BAR (Approved by Consent)

iii. 24308 ESSER II Maintenance BAR (Approved by Consent)

D. Approval of Construction Contract for Canopy Projects at KGE, LLE & TE Nieto Custom Builders 4308 - ESSER II (Approved by Consent)

E. Approval of Disposal of Fixed Assets (Approved by Consent)

12. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held September 13, 2022) (Continued)

F. Acceptance of PSCOC Fund Distribution per Senate Bill 212 – for Maintenance & Repair of Public School Buildings in FY23-FY25 (Approved by Consent)

G. Approval of MOU’s with Early Childcare Providers
i. Auntie Nikki’s (Approved by Consent)
ii. Happy Hearts (Approved by Consent)
iii. Kids Korner (Approved by Consent)
iv. La Vida Felicidad (Approved by Consent)
v. Safe Site (Approved by Consent)
vi. Sow & Seed Childcare Center (Approved by Consent)
vii. Sunshine Kids (Approved by Consent)

H. Approval of Contract for GRADS 2022-2023 Instruction and Child Care
(Approved by Consent)

13. NEW BUSINESS: Board Member Requests for Topics for Upcoming Board Work Sessions and/or Board Meetings

Ms. Garcia announced that this item would be for topics that the board members would like to see on the next agenda, or on a future agenda. She said she was trying to work with the board members. She knew that she was not always easy to get a hold of sometimes, and that all of them had jobs and other responsibilities that sometimes made it hard to get her that information by the Monday deadline they had tried to work on in the past. That was an option that was presented as an idea where they could throw out some ideas or topics that they would like to see on future agendas. They could write it down, they could to get them all heard at some point, allowing time in the meeting so they were not overburdening in our meeting agenda. Hopefully, they would get heard at the next month’s meeting. Ms. Garcia stated that, again, she thought two of the problems that they wanted to also make sure they could stay on top of was to be really specific on what they wanted on that agenda so that they had the right people there to answer the questions regarding the board's concerns. Again, it was an option on the agenda that it would be beneficial to the board members. She then asked for their thoughts, discussions, items, whatever they would like to talk about at that time.

13. NEW BUSINESS: Board Member Requests for Topics for Upcoming Board Work Sessions and/or Board Meetings (Continued)

Mr. Smith confirmed they were addressing Item #13. He said they had discussed it in detail, and part of the reason that he’d suggested that they talk about it and he concurred with Ms. Garcia. Discussion ensued regarding the development of the board agenda, during which they said that most of it was routine, for instance the financial reports, announcement of meetings, everything. But when it came to board specific agenda items, sometimes they had to come as board members, and request that something be put on the agenda.

Mr. Smith stated that he supported that in the conversations that they’d had. That way, it was transparent and everyone knew what a board member wanted on the coming agenda. He said he would like to have four specific items on the next agenda.

1. Suspension of Policy 2.9 to wave three readings of a policy
2. Approval of Policy 2.8.8
3. Reinstatement of Policy 2.9
4. Recognition and presentation for Steven Chavez, their wrestling coach

Mr. Vickers asked the Executive Assistant the number of meetings between then and the end of December. She responded that there were three.

Ms. Garcia stated that she was not getting rid of other ways to add something that came up. If there was a board member who had an idea or thought process for something they would like to see at the next meeting, they still had the option to email or text her by the end of day the Monday the week before the meeting so that she could get those items for discussions and that she and Dr. Romero could have them to put on the agenda schedule. It was just another way.

Ms. Garcia thanked Mr. Smith and she said she would put those items on the next agenda.


Ms. Garcia stated that took them to Item #14. ANNOUNCEMENT OF MEETINGS. She added that as allowed by the NM Open Meetings Act and the District’s Open Meetings Resolution, on occasion, a quorum of the board members would attend the same function, including those held at school sites, as well as, sports functions, conferences, workshops, and trainings. Board members would refrain from discussing and/or acting on LLS Board issues in those settings. In addition, only official meetings were published, and if other meetings were scheduled, they would be announced in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.
In addition, only official meetings were published, and if other meetings were scheduled, they would be announced in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. With that being said, Ms. Garcia announced the following meetings:
• October 12, 2022 NMSBA Region IV Fall Meeting 5:30 pm
200 Center St. Moriarty, NM
(Quorum in Attendance)

• October 18, 2022 Audit Committee Meeting 8:00 am CO Board Room
(Attendance by Invitation Only)

• October 18, 2022 Finance Committee Meeting 3:00 pm
CO Board Room

• October 25, 2022 Regular Board Meeting 6:00 pm
CO Board Room

Ms. Garcia stated that before she called for a motion to adjourn, she would ask the board members to not leave immediately at the conclusion of the board meeting, as their signatures were needed on some of the documents. She added that again, as a reminder to the board members to please bring back any flash drives if they had them in their possession so they could get those completed and turned in for the next month.


Ms. Garcia stated that brought them to Item #15. ADJOURNMENT. She then called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Mr. Bennett moved, and Mr. Smith seconded, to adjourn the meeting. There being no discussion, Ms. Garcia called for a vote with the following results: Bruce Bennett – yes; Eloy Giron – yes; Bryan C. Smith – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; and Tina Garcia – yes; Motion to adjourn passed: 5-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Approved this 25th day of October 2022.

Tina Garcia, Board President

Bruce Bennett, Board Secretary
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