Summary of ESSER Feedback Groups

Summary of ESSER Feedback Groups
Posted on 09/29/2021

Input Participants:

  • School staff at every school (thank you, principals, for facilitating)
  • Parents
  • NEA
  • UNM-VC
  • Rotary
  • LLS Equity Council

Knowledge, Skills & Attributes of a LLS Graduate:

  • Clear personal goals, knows about many different careers and how to attain the skills needed to grow a career
  • Financially literate
  • Understands the relationship between subjects
  • Strong communication: reading, writing, listening, speaking
  • Physically fit with healthy habits
  • Bilingual
  • Scientifically literate
  • Organized
  • Emotionally healthy
  • Digital citizen, digitally literate, uses tech for learning
  • Work ethic
  • Determined to persevere through difficulty towards goals
  • Independent thinker
  • Participate intelligently in the political process and community
  • Collaborative, respectful, empathetic
  • Strong time management
  • Data literate
  • Mathematically literate
  • Knows how to solve problems independently and when to ask for help

Future Ready School Experience:

Students Would...

  • express themselves effectively
  • work with others toward a common goal
  • learn how to apply their skills to many careers
  • demonstrate their learning in many ways
  • create solutions
  • learn grade level material
  • find purpose and plan for their future
  • connect learning to experience own their learning and manage time
Students Would Not...
  • learn skills in isolation without application ( i.e. overemphasis on grammar without enough writing)
  • accept mediocrity
  • drill and kill
  • have a one size fits all curriculum
  • sit and get
  • be defined by current ability or achievement
  • disrupt others’ learning
  • have work that isn’t challenging or meaningful
Suggestions for Using ESSER for Improving Learning:
  • Increase internet access and reliability in school and at home
  • Commit to rigor, quality, and innovation
  • Career awareness starting in elementary school and continued through graduation
  • Digital learning materials with support to use them to personalize learning
  • Change the high school schedule so students have a later start time
  • Social and emotional support for students, families, and staff
  • Professional learning to make every class challenging and engaging
  • Ensure teachers and students are equipped with equipment for learning (extra chargers)
  • Flexible learning environments
  • Tutoring and summer programs
  • Staffing and substitutes
  • Get students into the community for service, internships, and awareness of local industry and careers
  • Increase parent training on using devices
  • Increase learning time
  • Family support: food, supplies, education opportunities
  • Environment: classroom temperature to be more comfortable in masks, continue PPE, maintain air filtration machines, outdoor spaces with shade

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