LLS Technology Projects

LLS Technology Projects
Posted on 09/13/2023

2023 3Mill Technology Projects & Projection

Technology Projects Completed Since 2019:

  • 1-1 Program extended to all students virtually “overnight” as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Optimized and centralized mobile device and fees tracking on single platform
    Dramatically increased student & staff reliance on technology devices and online applications
  • Zoom is still being utilized with Digital Academy, as well as for other school and staff functions

General Technology Projects:

  • Migrated to a new district-funded VoIP phone system provider
  • Broad-ranging server and system upgrades
  • Network upgrades in WiFi Infrastructure
    School fiber backbones all upgraded to 10Gbps speeds / 10Gbps fiber WAN completed
  • Internet access has gone from 1Gbps to 5Gbps
  • Upgraded network core to support high speeds across the network
  • Regular MacBook, iPad, and PC refreshes for staff and students

Security-Related Projects:

  • Technology supports new IP/network-based intercom, access control, and IP security camera systems
  • Robust data backups for servers and data, both within the district and internet-based backup
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam, and cyber security platform for decreasing phishing, cyber threats, and increasing staff awareness
  • Updated and maintain and adequate and robust district firewall at the network edge
  • PDQ and iiQ inventory tools for asset tracking and more efficient software deployment

General Technology Maintenance & Optimization

  • Wired Apple TVs and Interactive Smart Boards with Projectors in every classroom
  • Parallel security network implementation across school sites
  • Battery backup overhaul and monitoring implemented
  • iiQ Ticketing system for tracking tech work orders, device asset and fees tracking
  • Optimized systems management like JAMF and PDQ for inventory & software deployment
  • Funding support for PowerSchool SIS (student information system)

Upcoming Projects:

5-Year Project Horizon:

  • Replace ALL existing SMART Boards and Projectors in the district with Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs)
  • Cloud-based, certificate-based WiFi device authentication
  • Optimize digital onboarding for staff and students to work increasingly efficiently
  • Staff & Student Password Recovery and Reset Portal
  • Maintain and provide support for all existing and new technology hardware and application platforms

General Maintenance & Optimization:

  • Upgrade District Firewall and various network components district-wide in order to support newer and more robust WiFi protocols
  • Security training and improvements in user security
  • Maintain all aspects of existing 1-1 device to student program
  • Continued support for access control, IP cameras, network-based intercom, classroom audio and video enhancements
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